#40: Shoot a Gun

September 20, 2013

Coming from an archery background (and by archery, I mean the child kit I had because I wanted to be a “bad-ass Legolas archer”… It was a legit set though), this was really intense… Cool one-time experience, shoulder was bruised a bit afterwards. What surprised me the most was how heavy they were. 

(This is an actual photo of me) 


#8: Donate Blood

April 2011?

I realized recently that I have already done this haha (but I will do it again this semester in the fall). Sometime in April of 2011, I donated blood to the Red Cross in one of those blood drive events. I went because I wanted to know what my blood type was (still have no idea…). All I remember from that day was that I dragged the guy I was seeing at the time with me (funny side story: he’s now my boyfriend), and he sat there waiting as I donated blood. I gave a pint of blood in five minutes flat before getting up and deciding I wanted to swim… I go to the pool and am automatically kicked out due to the lifeguard seeing my bandage. So I then went back to my freshman dorm to find people who wanted to do something! (I like being active…. even when I’m not supposed to be active). So back at the freshman dorms, this one girl wanted to play soccer which I was all, “hellll yaaaa!” about. We go to the field and start to play when I had to sit down because I got really dizzy… not a smart move on my part, but it’s whatever. I still had fun. I just wish I remembered the rest of that day… maybe I watched a movie with the boy? I have no idea. 

#17: Learn to Sail

September 2, 2013- October 2, 2013

This semester, I signed up for a 6-week sailing class. It is my final semester here at my school and I want to do something that I could possibly to continue to enjoy when I graduate. Due to my college, being on a lake and having a notable sailing team, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sign up. 

I learned how to sail 420’s (below-not my picture though). These sailboats are usually used in college competitions. Learning to sail was definitely much more challenging than I originally anticipated— in order to control the boat, you got to have some strength! Many times out of the lake, it would be windy and the boat would pick up speed. You have to understand how the main sail and the jib sheet work in order to keep in control. One boat in my class wasn’t in control, so the girls sailing capsized in the water (I thought it was funny, even though at the same time I was wishing that it wouldn’t happen to me (so far so good! Have not gone swimming!)). 

Six weeks later, with my final class tomorrow, I like to think I did an excellent job. I learned how to rig the boat with my partner, I learned how to crew and skip, tack and gybe, attempted to roll tack the boat but failed… not quick enough yet apparently. According to our instructor, we are going to be racing around in the water for candy. I don’t want to candy, I just want to race and go really fast (Seriously hoping there is wind on the lake tomorrow since there wasn’t any yesterday). I know I could never hold up against the sailing team in a race, but hopefully I can continue to get into a boat once I’m done with school. 


(Source: savingsailing.files.wordpress.com)

Kate Upton and Ryan Gosling Explain the Shut Down

An entertaining comic of the gorgeous Ryan Gosling and Kate Upton explaining the US government shut down. 

"For my birthday, I want a Coach bag that's $95. It's for my Barbie Doll. :)"

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. 

#23: Learn to Surf

August 4, 2013

I’m currently in Los Angeles, California for some downtime with my friend (and spring semester roommate). We both decided to come out here for our own reasons: mine being I needed to get away from home and the depressing weather, talk to possible people about finding a job, and as well see a guy…
Yesterday that guy attempted to teach me how to surf. It was chilly when he picked me up from my hotel. Originally, my friend was going to come but she felt sick with a sore throat.
We drove out to his place to pick up a surf board and hit the waves at his home beach. It was still cloudy when we were walking towards the ocean and the water was chilly. However, I wanted to learn, or at least get a feel, for my first time surfing. Bracing myself in the cold water and the pull of the waves, I got myself onto the board and into position with the help from my guy friend.
The first few times, I just coasted back to shore laying on the board. Then I got to my knees. Finally, in one run, I stood up. But that was going to be the only time I would stand on my feet. As it got closer to noon, I could feel the tide get stronger and not having the coordination or the strength to stand up again, I proceeded to nose dive over the board continuously into the white wash. That part sucked. I am a strong swimmer, but there is something about twisting under a powerful wave that makes me feel helpless. After a while, my bad knee was starting to ache, so we body surfed until it was time for me to meet up with my best friend who goes to school in the area for lunch.
Surfing is so much harder than it looks (especially since I’m from a place which doesn’t have a coast), but I am proud of myself for standing up for that one ride- my guy friend that most people don’t their first time surfing. I’m excited that this time next year I will be hopefully living here and will have more time to have some fun in the surf.